Transform your business

Syenap has all you need to begin making data based decisions today.
Our customer analytics empower you to extract efficiencies and mold your business for drastically improved customer service and success. Our ability to utilise existing infrastructure means that we provide a cost effective and unique perspective on your world which allows to understand behaviour, that provides insight that that can be turned into action.

Our services will

• Increase conversion rates
• Reduce operational costs
• Maximise customer satisfaction
• Deliver consistent customer experience

Services and operational tools


How many customers come and go? Get the answer with Store Entry Counting. A camera at the store entrance(s) tracks the number of customers entering and leaving the store and can also establish entry conversion rates (i.e. how many visitors to your store become customers).


Automatically monitor customer movements, speed and dwell times as they move through your store. Cameras are focused on specific areas where you want to understand how customers are behaving and engaging with displays and merchandise. By understanding customer movement, the path to cross selling becomes clearer. This data allows you to evaluate foot traffic, areas of interest, service delivery and impact on product and marketing/
communication placement.


Measuring family groups results in accurate conversion rate tracking. A husband, wife and teenage children (family group) would create a single transaction resulting in higher conversion rates. Counting a family group as individuals would result in skewed perception of performance. Understanding when you have many families navigating the store, allows for more accurate staff allocation rather than believing there are many individuals in the store, each needing attention.


What changes are happening in your space and are you equipped to deal with these changes? What will it mean if we continue along a particular trajectory and how can you influence the outcome? Syenap’s analytics provides insights that are actionable and most importantly allow you to measure your own progress.


Without understanding impact of change, measurement of strategy becomes almost impossible. Syenap provides the data to be able to understand whether current momentum is sufficient in order to ensure strategy alignment as well as the impact of any change made.


How are your various stores or activations performing in relation to one another? Answer questions around how a particular demographic influences success and whether busy spaces make for better sales . What interventions can be made and what is their impact? But most fundamentally understand your environment from a customer perspective.


Today a one size fits all approach will leave you at the back of the pack. Understand the nuances of your environment and be able to react appropriately with measurable results.


By recording and analyzing all integrated data points, Syenap’s platform is able to simulate customer behaviour and store operations for the future. Do these results meet with your strategy? Simulate changes to operations and understand the impact over time.


Syenap integrates its platform into existing and new data sources for a single view of the customer, which includes staff schedules, POS, weather etc.


The Syenap solution automatically alerts store personnel as to when events will occur. This allows them to be proactive in interventions and maximize opportunities.


With Syenap, you’re aware of the customer traffic in your space at all times. This enables you to accurately anticipate demands on the service areas and your staff. Our solution calculates how many people are required to maintain acceptable wait time standards and automatically keeps your Store Managers fully informed on their mobile devices in real time. With a proactive approach to managing service areas, you get improved operational efficiency and your customers get a consistently great customer experience.


Syenap solutions track customers in service areas to measure service levels along with queue wait times. Armed with this information, you can boost performance and delight customers. Our operational tools include: staff redeployment; priority restocking; fitting room monitoring; prepared food schedule tool and workforce optimisation.


Syenap will help you understand the true impact of store interventions by testing various hypotheses and making informed decisions with quantifiable results.

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